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We should all know the name Merdan Ghappar

alt informationMerdan Ghappar's personal video from a prison in Xinjiang tells the story of millions of people suffering there

We must raise our voice for Hong Kong

alt informationAs the National Security Law is passed in Hong Kong, read about what is at stake and why we must all speak up against it

The leaders who are dodging questions on coronavirus – and how

alt informationA growing number of world leaders are avoiding questions asked by the media about coronavirus, as we report on our global map monitoring media violations

We must make sure UK coronavirus legislation is only temporary

alt informationAs the UK passes emergency legislation that hugely restricts people's freedoms, we need to check it is reasonable and transient

Why media freedom is so important during the coronavirus crisis

alt informationIndex have created a map to track media violations around the world amid worrying news that many leaders are using the coronavirus crisis to silence journalists. It's a crucial tool at this critical time

Index speaks to New York Times journalist about when he was forced to leave China

alt informationAs China revokes the press credentials of three foreign journalists, we speak to Austin Ramzy about his own experience of having to leave the country because of a story

Chinese threats sent to UK homes

alt informationAnonymous, threatening letters are being sent to UK homes to try to stop activities that the Chinese government disapproves of. Jemimah Steinfeld investigates

Early Index supporter Louis Blom-Cooper dies aged 92

alt informationIndex on Censorship is deeply saddened by the news that Louis Blom-Cooper

Contents: Trouble in paradise

alt informationThe spring 2018 issue of Index on Censorship magazine takes a special look at how governments and other powers across the globe are manipulating history for their own ends

Podcast: Hay author special

alt informationWe spoke to three leading authors – David Olusoga, Juan Gabriel Vásquez and Javier Cercas – about taboos in their own countries, the issues that people are not talking enough about and the stories that might be currently manipulated

Jimmy Wales: Fake news “a quantum leap we should be very concerned about”

alt information“The advertising-only business model has been incredibly destructive for journalism,” said Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales at a Westminster Media Forum event on “fake news”