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Youth debate on free expression

Index on Censorship meet the UK Youth Parliament

art and the message

A quick round up of some shows I visited in the latter part of this year that I would like to mention. Palestine Monologues at Arcola Theatre is the latest in a series of rehearsed readings of testimories (Asylum Monolgues, Rendition Monologues) was a gruelling precursor to Welcome to Ramallah, also at the Arcola. Along […]

Sticks ‘n’ stones may break my bones

On Sunday I was invited to the London Regional Meeting of UK Youth Parliament at Tower Hamlets Town Hall to give a brief presentation about freedom of expression. This was triggered by an article in Debatable UKYP’s magazine stating that 90 per cent of young people surveyed say there are no safe places to discuss […]

Belarus Free Theatre runner up in Freedom to Create prize

We are delighted that Belarus Free Theatre (BFT) nominated by Index for the ArtVenture Freedom to Create prize wre runners up in the main prize category of the inaugural awards. Tom Stoppard, a long-time supporter of the theatre company, handed them the cheque for $15,000 to be shared with Charter 97 in recognition of their […]

Turkey bans blogspot

A Turkish Court has banned internet users in Turkey from accessing blogs hosting service Blogger.com and any blogspot.com domain.

Hello from Index Arts

By way of an introduction to this entry, I am going to start a regular blog about the work of Index Arts. This has been an almost totally static page for far too long but things are going to change. I plan to let you know what I am doing in the programme and share […]