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Bringing the Story Home – Trojan Horse in Birmingham

alt informationIndex's case study on the production of a play covering the Trojan Horse affair

Omar El-Khairy and Nadia Latif / Homegrown

alt informationHomegrown is a piece commissioned by the National Youth Theatre (NYT) investigating the motivation behind radicalisation of young Muslims in schools.

Out of Joint / Rita Sue and Bob Too by Andrea Dunbar

alt informationAndrea Dunbar’s play Rita Sue and Bob Too was commissioned by Max Stafford-Clarke, then artistic director of Royal Court, in 1982.

Music Theatre Wales / The Golden Dragon

alt informationAlthough MTW’s production of The Golden Dragon had received positive reviews in the press, some had expressed concerns that all five of the performers were white, despite the fact they were playing various Asian characters.

Eric Gill / The Body

alt informationThe case study of the exhibition Eric Gill: The Body at Ditchling Museum of Arts & Crafts is different from the others in this section. In all the other cases, Index on Censorship got involved because artwork had been removed or cancelled, but in this case we were brought in at the early stage of the museum’s planning of an exhibition that was potentially divisive and controversial.

Brett Bailey / Exhibit B

alt informationThe Barbican’s publicity material described Exhibit B as: “a human installation that charts the colonial histories of various European countries during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries when scientists formulated pseudo-scientific racial theories that continue to warp perceptions with horrific consequences.”

Mimsy / Isis Threaten Sylvania

alt information‘Isis Threaten Sylvania’ is a satirical series of light box tableaux, using the children’s toys ‘Sylvanian Families’.

Passion for Freedom: “There is always someone who wants to take freedom away”

alt informationIndex on Censorship associate arts producer Julia Farrington met with Agnieszka Kolek to talk about policing of freedom of expression, and how the events of 2015 have impacted on plans for this year’s Passion for Freedom exhibition

The Believers Are But Brothers bucks the trend

alt informationJulia Farrington explores the development of The Believers Are But Brothers, a play exploring the radicalisation of young men and the legal limits of freedom of expression.

Expanding the space for the arts: Challenging the UK’s risk averse culture

alt informationThe arts have an important role to express and process the diverse and often divergent opinion and experience that coexist in our society

Positive Hell

alt informationAs part of its Art and Offence programme exploring censorship and self-censorship in the arts, Index on Censorship researches examples of censorship in UK theatre, film and visual arts. Index looked at the case of Positive Hell -- a short documentary film that challenges the scientific consensus on HIV and AIDS.

Julia Farrington: Tackling self-censorship in the arts community

alt informationTo fully participate in society and to create art that calls power to account, the arts community needs to continue to identify, analyse and tackle the causes of self-censorship