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News of the World hacked Sarah Payne’s mother’s phone

The Guardian has revealed that the News of the World hacked Sara Payne’s phone, which Rebekah Brooks had given her as a gift. Payne had previously been told, accurately, that her name did not appear in Glenn Mulcaire’s notes, but her personal details were found there on Tuesday. The News of the World used its final issue […]

Turkish court censors book before publication

An Istanbul court has ordered the seizure of all of investigative journalist Ahmet Sik’s work on his incomplete book The Army of the Imam. His manuscript explores the connection between the police and the group headed by Turkish Imam Fethullah Gülen. Sik was close to finishing the work when he was arrested in March. Gülen […]

OSCE report finds Turkey is holding 57 journalists in prison

The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe has published a report revealing that there are currently 57 journalists imprisoned in Turkey. This is more than any other country. The figures in the report come from the findings of the Freedom for Journalists platform, which represents local and national media organisations in Turkey. The report […]

Cuba: Reuters journalist accused of collaborating with CIA

Cuba has accused a Reuters journalist of collaborating with a US diplomat thought to be a CIA agent. The allegation was made by Cuban state television through a programme “dedicated to uncovering supposed plots against Cuba”. Dissident Raul Capote claims that he witnessed a meeting between then Reuters bureau chief Anthony Boadle and Mark Sullivan, […]

Belarus: Natalia Radzina seeking asylum abroad

Belarusian journalist Natalia Radzina has revealed that she is seeking political asylum in a foreign country. She has declined to comment on where she is and how she got there. Radzina was ordered to attend the KGB office in Minsk on 31 March. It is thought that the purpose of this visit was for the […]

More than 200 protesters beaten and detained in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani police arrested more than 200 opposition protesters during Saturday’s demonstrations in Baku. They were calling for the resignation of President Ilham Aliyev and had broken through police cordons into Fountains Square. According to the Azeri Interior Ministry, five will face criminal charges for property damage and resisting police. Seventy people have been punished for […]

Syria: Reuters photographer released after six days

Syrian authorities have released Reuters photographer Khaled al-Hariri. The Syrian national had been held for six days. He was arrested as he reached his Damascus workplace last Monday. Three other Reuters journalists have also been detained this week, but they have been released and forced to leave the country.

Libya releases Al Jazeera journalist

Al Jazeera reporter Lotfi Al Masoudi has been released after being detained by Libyan forces. He was one of four journalists who were arrested on 19 March. They were released on the 31 March, then rearrested later the same day.  The Libyan officials offered no explanation as to why they were detained and would not reveal […]

Mexico: Two journalists murdered

Two journalists, José Luis Cerda Meléndez and Luis Emanuel Ruíz Carrillo, have been murdered in the northern state of Nuevo León.  Cerda was a television host on national channel Televisa, which has been subjected to several armed attacks. Ruíz was a reporter for a daily newspaper in Coahuila.  Ruíz was visiting the area to interview […]

Czech Republic grants asylum to Belarusian opposition candidate

Belarusian politician Ales Mikhalevich has been granted political refugee status in the Czech Republic. He was imprisoned after running against Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus’ presidential elections. He claims that he was tortured in the custody of secret police, and was stripped naked and hung by his hands. Mikhalevich was one of the seven other candidates […]

Belarus: Journalists arrested

Reporters Aleksandr Lomashkin and Ales Asiptsu were arrested in separate incidents on Thursday, 24 March. Both were detained on the eve of “Freedom Day”, an unofficial holiday traditionally celebrated by members of the opposition. Lomashkin is a Russian journalist who worked in Belarus and founded the human rights website Svoboda. He was forced to get […]

Azerbaijani reporter kidnapped and beaten

Eminent opposition journalist Seymur Haziyev was abducted and beaten on Saturday night (26 March). He was attacked by six masked men and tortured for two hours. The contents of his laptop were scrutinised and his two telephones were taken from him. He claims that he was told to be “as intelligent and quiet as the […]