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The dangers of “red tagging” and other lessons from the Philippines

alt informationRey Valmores, a 25-year-old political activist from Quezon City, on the challenges faced by campaigners in the Philippines in advance of this week’s inauguration of Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jnr

Index raises concerns over exclusion of journalists from UK Home Secretary’s Rwanda visit

alt informationAlert filed with Council of Europe over key media being unable to hold Priti Patel to account as she announces migrant plan

Apple’s Chinese and Russian takedowns come under scrutiny

alt informationA new report by GreatFire and whistleblower Ashley Gjovik reveals the tech giant complies with far more requests from the two governments than elsewhere

Dissidents, spies and the lies that came in from the cold

alt informationIndex on Censorship started at the front line of an ideological war

Call for an end to beatings and abductions of journalists and protesters in Ukraine

alt informationOleksandra Matviichuk, head of the Centre for Civil Liberties in Kyiv, condemns the actions of Russian troops

How an independent broadcaster in Ukraine is defying the invasion

alt informationThe TV and YouTube channel hromadske has been forced to abandon its studios but keeps the news flowing

They “have come to rob you of your name and language”

alt informationA selection of five pieces on Ukraine from 1972 to 2014 that help shed light on the present conflict and celebrate the country’s rich cultural history and tradition of resistance, from Index's astonishing archive

Why Russian protests against invasion of Ukraine are so vital

alt informationDissent against the action in Ukraine could be crushed just as it was in Czechoslovakia in 1968 but we should not give up hope

Joe Rogan row shows limits of appetite for free speech

alt informationSpotify's response to the Joe Rogan row has been on point. Before that the row waded into difficult waters

The most authoritarian British government since the Second World War?

alt informationThe right to protest peacefully, the protection of human rights and the ability for journalists to reveal government wrongdoing are all under threat, writes Martin Bright

“Apple poisoned me: physically, mentally, spiritually”

alt informationAshley Gjøvik, who was fired by the tech giant after blowing the whistle on toxic waste under her office, says her fight will go on

Secret agenda

alt informationA reform of the UK’s Official Secrets Act would mean that journalists with confidential documents could face harsher penalties than the spies who handed them over, reports Martin Bright