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UAE: Now tweeting rumours can land you three years in jail

The UAE has announced it intends to enforce legislation combating the “spreading of rumours” by social media, punishable by up to three years in prison. Despite the authorities’ assurance that “there are clear definitions in the law to explain the exact meanings of spreading rumours, spreading lies, or spreading defamatory remarks”, in the words of the […]

The Sacking of Dina Abdul Rahman is a threat to the freedom of Media in Egypt

“You say the Armed forces are trying to teach people democracy; this is part of the democracy you speak of, and the Egyptian people know what democracy is and how’s practiced, General”. Television presenter Dina Abdul Rahman was responding, calm, poised,  to the ranting of self-appointed “strategic expert” General Abdul Moneim Qato, who was bashing […]

Egyptian journalist tried before military court following January revolution

A journalist and outspoken critic of the military treatment of civilians, Rasha Azab, was summoned in front of a military tribunal last week for an article she wrote in the independent daily newspaper Al-Fagr. Azab is the first journalist to be tried, in a military court no less, for an article published in the wake […]

Vodafone Egypt’s PR fail

Take the time to watch the outrageous Vodafone ad that has sparked public outrage in Egypt this week. Vodafone, the company that complied with the Mubarak regimes demands to shutdown communications  networks is taking credit for what happened in Tahrir Square. If I were a Vodafone customer, I promise you I would’ve switched networks after […]

Sectarian strife escalated by new political and religious forces

In the first week of May, in what was essentially a domestic dispute, a Christian woman by the name of Abeer Fakhry, wanting to divorce her husband, announced her conversion to Islam. It was her only option for legal separation, divorce being a near-impossibility under the Egyptian Coptic church, but the incident turned into an […]

Protesters still face challenges in post-revolutionary Egypt

In post-revolutionary Egypt, freedom of expression is yet to be a given. On 15 May, for instance, scores of protesters commemorating the Palestinian exodus of 1948 near the Israeli embassy were beaten and shot. At least 350 were injured and 160 arrested and transferred to military prisons. They were charged with “destruction of public property […]