Burma: Censorship laws to be relaxed

The Burmese government’s censorship board director, Tint Swe, has announced that the country’s censorship policy will be relaxed in accordance with its new constitution. Journal and magazine publishers will no longer need to submit their articles to the censors for approval before publication. However, news stories and articles about politics and business will still need […]

India: Controversial book on Gandhi banned

Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his Struggle with India, a book by the Pulitzer Prize winning author Joseph Lelyveld, has been banned in the Indian state of Gujrat. The book is seen as being controversial as some passages can be interpreted as hinting that Gandhi had a homosexual relationship. The Indian Law Minister, Veerappa Moily, […]

Sudan: “Cyber Jihadists” to crush online opponents

The National Congress Party (NCP), which governs North Sudan, claims that its battalion of “cyber jihadists” are ready to “crush” all online dissidents. The warning came from the party’s vice-president in Khartoum State, Mandur Al-Mahdi, on Tuesday (March 22). He warned youth groups using social networks sites like Twitter and Facebook that they would be targeted by […]

China: Activist given 10 years prison sentence

Liu Xianbin, a pro-democracy activist, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after a trial over charges of subversion of state that lasted only a few hours. Liu was arrested after publishing articles on the internet calling for democratic reforms. He has been imprisoned twice before; once for his role in the Tiananmen Square protests, and again in […]

Syria: Protesters shot by security forces

Security forces opened fire on protesters in the southern city of Daraa on Wednesday, killing at least 25 demonstrators. While activists claimed that many more had been killed, hospital sources reported 25 bodies with bullet wounds. Security forces have come down hard on recent demonstrations, with at least 32 protesters having been killed since Friday […]

New York Times reporters freed, but 13 journalists still missing in Libya

Four New York Times reporters being held by pro-Gaddafi forces have now been released, but a further 13 journalists from various media organisations are still missing or in detention. The New York Times reporters were released to Turkish diplomats on Monday and have reported mistreatment including death threats and sexual assault on the only female reporter. […]

Zimbabwe: Bail refused in Facebook case

A court has refused bail to Vikas Mavhudzi, who was arrested on charges of subversion for a Facebook remark. He had posted a comment on Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Facebook page about the Egyptian uprisings. In February 46 people were arrested and charged with treason for watching videos of the uprisings in Tunisia and […]

China: Google email services disrupted

Google has blamed the Chinese government for disrupting its services after users experienced problems with accessing their emails.  Some users have also claimed that their email accounts have been hacked into. Just over two weeks ago some Chinese Google email users were targets of hacking attempts that were described by Google as politically motivated, specifically […]

Malaysia: Lady Gaga song censored for gay reference

Radio broadcasters have censored lyrics to Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way”  to avoid contravening the country’s strict decency laws. Broadcasters have distorted the line “no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I’m on the right track, baby”.  AMP, one of the biggest private radio networks in Malaysia, said that lyrics had been censored […]

Libya: New York Times journalists to be freed

Four New York Times journalists who had gone missing in Libya will be released soon, it was reported on Friday. The journalists had entered Libya through Egypt and were reporting from the rebel held city of Ajdabiya, which was then overrun by the pro-Gadaffi army and they were arrested. Libyan officials have indicated that the […]

Bahrain expels CNN reporter

Mohammed Jamjoom, a CNN correspondent, was expelled from Bahrain on Wednesday after reporting on the violent crackdown by security forces on the main protest camp in Manama. The authorities gave no reason for the expulsion, and other CNN journalists remain in Bahrain.

Demonstrators detained in Damascus

Security forces clashed with demonstrators in Damascus on Tuesday, detaining at least 35 protesters, including a 10 year old boy. The Syrian demonstrators, who demanded the release of political prisoners, ignored a ban on all demonstrations and protest marches in the capital.