Libya: Guardian reporter released from detention

Gaith Abdul Ahad, a Guardian reporter, has been released after being detained for a fortnight by Libyan authorities. Ahad, along with Andrei Netto, a Brazilian journalist, were held after entering Libya from Tunisia. Netto was freed a few days ago. The New York Times reports that four of its journalists have been missing in Libya […]

Bahrain: Opposition leaders arrested

A day after a violent crackdown by security forces on protesters camped out at Pearl Square in the capital Manama, at least five key opposition leaders have been arrested. The detained leaders belong to different opposition parties, all of which are asking for political reform.

Thailand: Webmaster sentenced to 13 years in prison

Thanthawut Taweewarodomkul, who operated an anti-government website, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison on charges of lese majeste and breaching the Computer Crime Act. He was arrested in April 2010, during the anti-government Red Shirt protests, on the charge that his website carried an article that insulted the king. His sentencing comes at […]

Bahrain: Security forces crackdown on protesters

A day after martial law was declared in the kingdom, Bahraini security forces have carried out a crackdown on protesters camped out at Pearl Square in the capital Manama. Security forces, backed by tanks, drove out the protesters from their camps in violent clashes which resulted in the deaths of at least three protesters and […]

Malaysia: Case against blogger dropped

Irwan Abdul Raman, a blogger and editor better known as “Hassan Skodeng”, who was facing a one year prison sentence and a hefty fine for writing a satirical blog, has had the charges against him dropped. He had been accused of publishing online content deemed “obscene, indecent, false, menacing or offensive in character with malicious […]

Swaziland: BBC programme banned for criticising government

The daily live transmission of the BBC Focus on Africa programme has been suspended following a report that was critical of the government. The programme, which is broadcast on the state radio, Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Services (SBIS), has been off air for a week. The government has also banned all state media from reporting […]

Yemen: Protesters killed in clashes with security forces

Security forces reportedly used tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets and live ammunition to disperse anti-government protesters in the capital Sana’a over the weekend. Six protesters died in the clashes while up to a hundred were left injured.

Al Jazeera cameraman killed in Libya

Ali Hassan Al Jaber, an Al Jazeera cameraman, was killed in Libya on 12 March after being shot by unknown attackers, in an ambush by forces loyal to Gaddafi. After covering an anti-government protest, the Al Jazeera team was on its way to the city of Benghazi, when the car they were travelling in came […]

China: Uighur website editor given seven-year prison sentence

Tursunjan Hezim, Uighur editor of well known website Bilik, has reportedly been given a seven-year prison sentence. The sentence was handed down for unknown charges at a secret trial in July 2010, but has only been made public now. Hezim had been in detention at a secret location since 2009, after ethnic riots broke out […]

Saudi Arabia: Police open fire on protesters

Police in the eastern city of Qatif opened fire on protesters and beat them with batons at a protest on Thursday, resulting in at least three people being injured. The protest was held to demand the release of prisoners that demonstrators say are being held without charge. The Saudi interior ministry recently announced that all […]

Azerbaijan: Crackdown on anti-government activists

Two youth opposition activists, Sakhavan Soltanli and Rashadat Akhundov, were detained in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku on Tuesday. On 4 March, youth activist and former parliamentary candidate, Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, was detained and given a pre-trial detention of one month after he advertised a nationwide anti-government protest on Facebook. On the same day three NGOs, known for […]

Libya: BBC news team beaten up by Gaddafi’s forces

A BBC news team trying to reach the town of Zawiya were detained, beaten and subjected to mock executions by pro-Gaddafi forces. The team of three were detained on Monday at an army roadblock and taken to a military barracks in Tripoli where they were held for 21 hours. After release they left the country. […]