Iran: Journalists in exile receive death threats

While a government crackdown on opposition leaders and activists inside Iran continues, those living in exile have not been spared either. Several Iranian journalists and writers living abroad have received messages threatening “ultimate punishment” if they did not stop activities deemed to be “against the Islamic Republic”.

Ivory Coast: Media threats from rival political camps

Nine independent and anti-government newspapers have suspended publication following harassment from President Laurent Gbagbo supporters. The protesting newspapers also say they are regularly fined by the media regulator. Meanwhile, supporters of Gbagbo’s rival, Alassane Ouattara, attacked the main transmission centre of Radio-Télévision Ivoirienne (RTI), the state-owned broadcaster.

Pakistan's blasphemy law takes another life

Mohammad Fakhar Zaman: Pakistan's blasphemy law takes another life

China: Crackdown on demonstrators and journalists

The police has come down hard on Chinese demonstrators, detaining and putting under arrest hundreds of activists and human rights campaigners. Journalists trying to cover the demonstrations have also been dealt with harshly, and were detained, beaten, and their equipment confiscated. Calls for a Tunisian-style ‘Jasmine Revolution’ to be replicated in China were met with […]

Opposition leaders arrested in Iran

Opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi and their wives have been arrested and taken to the Heshmatiyeh jail in Tehran, it has been reported. The pair were previously put under house arrest after they called for demonstration, following the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings. The Iranian government denies the arrest, maintaining that the terms […]

Oman: Six protesters killed in clashes with police

Pro-reform demonstrators in the industrial town of Sohar have clashed with police, leading to the deaths of six protesters. The protesters, demanding political and economic reforms, had blocked roads, attacked government buildings, and tried to free detainees from the town’s police station.

India orders suspension of some mobile messaging services

Last week the Indian government ordered telecom operators to suspend all mobile messaging services that cannot be monitored by law enforcement agencies, citing national security reasons. The government had given Research In Motion (RIM), the BlackBerry’s Canadian manufacturer, until 31 January to provide it with access to encrypted data on BlackBerry Enterprise Server. RIM says […]