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Padraig Reidy: We can’t allow responsibilities to come before rights

alt informationThe fact that people are being murdered for who they are rather than what they did should make us realise that there is no responsibility we can exercise that will mitigate the core problem

Padraig Reidy: Kicking anti-Semitism off social media won’t solve the problem

alt informationIf the story fades, the bigots can rebuild, this time on their terms, high on resentment and low on truth

Padraig Reidy: Even old-fashioned national socialist clowns deserve free speech

alt informationJoshua Bonehill is a keyboard Fuhrer, an online agitator, but even he deserves free speech.

Padraig Reidy: Beware the risks of the one-star review

Do we need basic education in the potential pitfalls of online interaction?

Padraig Reidy: Page 3 is an example of how free speech works

Fundamentally, The Sun’s topless Page 3 is an example of how free speech is supposed to work.

Padraig Reidy: Enough of the “moderate Muslim”

alt informationThere can be few more insulting coinages than the tedious phrase “moderate Muslim”. What does it mean? Who does it benefit?

Padraig Reidy: Laugh? I nearly died. Of hunger

Those who have raised their voice attempting to prevent the development of a comedy show script based on the Irish famine are simply parading their ignorance

Padraig Reidy: The paranoid style in Turkish politics

alt informationWhat’s wrong with Turkey? Or, more to the point what is wrong with Turkey’s president that makes him so determined to fight, like a two a.m. drunk vowing to take on all comers?

Padraig Reidy: In defence of Mario Balotelli

alt informationHuman beings are complicated, and a zero-tolerance approach to words and meanings is unlikely to work on us

Padraig Reidy: Who can speak and who must be silent?

alt informationAsk yourself: would it be better to have a society where people argued against me, or would I prefer a society where the authorities were entitled to decide what I should and should not say?

Padraig Reidy: Let’s ban the word “internet”

alt informationWe have to stop thinking about things happening “on the internet”, when it's simply part of human interaction for millions

Padraig Reidy: Gerry Adams’ half-remembered Republican mythology

alt informationAs with much half-remembered Republican mythology, Gerry Adams' quip at a US fundraiser wasn’t the whole story.