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Why the Freedom of Expression Awards matter

alt informationThey remind us of the struggles people are prepared to fight for their beliefs

The chilling effect of polarisation on measured debate

alt informationThis week, academics have been compared to the KKK and a trans writer attacked for being long-listed for a women's literary prize. Extreme views are stifling the conversation

The harassment of international journalists in China is becoming normalised

alt informationIndex stands in support of the BBC's China correspondent John Sudworth who has fled to Taiwan with his family

As we celebrate our 50th birthday, we know our work is far from done

alt informationIn 1971, writers and scholars came together with a vision to be a voice for the persecuted. That vision continues today

We defend the right to protest, even during a pandemic

alt informationDemonstrations by design are meant to disrupt normal activity and to annoy and irritate the establishment

Why what is happening in Hong Kong and Xinjiang is not an internal affair

alt informationPeople are being arrested, being disappeared and are dying on our watch

It is women who are paying the ultimate price for their beliefs

alt informationYoung protestors and reporters have given their lives in the past week in Myanmar and Afghanistan

Index statement on Alexei Navalny

alt informationPutin critic has been sent to a Russian penal colony following his show trials

Speech should be free but not of consequences

alt informationRather than genuinely tackling the thornier issues, we’re seeing calls for more regulations online as a quick fix

We need Andrei Aliaksandrau and 254 others in Belarus back home

alt informationLukashenko's government has doubled down by raiding the homes and offices of activists and journalists

Loujain al-Hathloul’s release gives everyone hope

alt informationThe women's rights activist has been released after 1,001 days in a Saudi jail but the struggle continues

The British Government has zero moral authority

alt informationThe UK cannot claim the moral high ground when it is preventing its own journalists from doing their jobs