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Kashmir’s journalists have taken great risks this past year to get news out. We must support them

alt informationJournalists in Jammu and Kashmir have been working against the odds for a year now following an internet blackout and other draconian measures. We must rally behind them

Freedom on UK campuses is threatened. We need to discuss how to protect it

alt informationAs part of a new report on academic freedom in the UK, Index CEO Ruth Smeeth discusses why we are all better for robust debate

Use your voice to get in good trouble

alt informationCivil Rights campaigner John Lewis used his voice in every way to fight for justice. He set a fantastic example

Ruth Smeeth: “We must make sure that journalism survives the pandemic”

alt informationThe plight of the Uighurs shows that we must ensure their stories continue to be reported

Ruth Smeeth: “Free speech is a force for good”

alt information150 writers and academics have signed an open letter saying the forces of illiberalism are gaining strength throughout the world

Our free speech is under attack, in the UK and across the world, and we need to fight to protect it

alt informationCredit: Singlespeedfahrer/Petr Vodicka/Amy Fenton/Executive Office of the President/ Philip Halling/Isac Nóbrega/The White House George Floyd. Dr Li Wenliang. Amy Fenton. JK Rowling. Edward Colston. Jair Bolsonaro. Donald Trump. Love or loathe these people, the actions of each have opened a new debate in 2020. From the Black Lives Matter movement to the debate on sexuality, […]