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Wake up Williamson: the Magdalen College controversy

alt informationIt's the students who should decide whose picture is on the wall of their common room, not the education secretary

“Tiananmen Square cemented my commitment to equality and justice”

alt informationOur CEO Ruth Smeeth was just nine when the image of Tank Man echoed around the world but it changed her views forever

Let’s cut Lukashenko’s financial support

alt informationThe president of Belarus is acting with impunity against his critics. It is time to go further than words of condemnation

“I’m not a fan of Alexei Sayle but he has a right to hold his views”

alt informationOur CEO Ruth Smeeth fundamentally disagrees with the efforts of British parliamentarian, Matthew Offord, to stop the broadcast of an episode of Desert Island Discs featuring the comedian

The Queen’s Speech is a systematic assault on free expression

alt informationOn the face of it, the Government's legislative agenda looks reasonable but the devil is in the detail

There needs to be a space to be offended while protecting people from hate

alt informationFacebook's Oversight Board has published its decision on the social media platform's decision to ban Donald Trump

“The CCP will one day fall” – Ma Jian’s words give us hope

alt informationThe author spoke at this week's spring magazine launch

The right to speak out depends on the right to breathe

alt informationFreedom of expression relies on the right to walk the streets where you live in safety and security

Why the Freedom of Expression Awards matter

alt informationThey remind us of the struggles people are prepared to fight for their beliefs

The chilling effect of polarisation on measured debate

alt informationThis week, academics have been compared to the KKK and a trans writer attacked for being long-listed for a women's literary prize. Extreme views are stifling the conversation

The harassment of international journalists in China is becoming normalised

alt informationIndex stands in support of the BBC's China correspondent John Sudworth who has fled to Taiwan with his family

As we celebrate our 50th birthday, we know our work is far from done

alt informationIn 1971, writers and scholars came together with a vision to be a voice for the persecuted. That vision continues today