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Saudi Arabia: Radio Netherlands Worldwide websites blocked

According to Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Saudi Arabian listeners have been unable to access their websites. While no official reason has been given for the block, the station believes that it may be linked to a video posted on the Arabic version of the website. The video, posted on 15 July, showed a migrant worker being […]

Yemen: Copies of newspaper confiscated

Yemeni security forces confiscated copies of Ahdath al-Madina, a local independent newspaper, on 7 August. Security forces seized the paper from newsstands in order to stop its distribution on the national level.  Last April, security forces confiscated and publicly burned issues of the same paper, because of material deemed to be “detrimental to the president [Ali Abdullah […]

Pakistan: Art curator beaten by police

On 2 August, a  Pakistani police station supervisor allegedly beat a female curator for “indecent behavior”. The incident occurred in Nairang Art Gallery, a well-known gathering place for left-leaning intellectuals in Lahore. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), the officer “brutally assaulted” the woman and entered the premises without a warrant. Hina […]

Ethiopia: Sentence extended for detained journalists

On July 17, an Ethiopian court ruled that two journalists would remain imprisoned for an additional 28 days, without access to legal counsel or charge. Woubshet Taye, from Awramba Times and Reeyot Alemu, from the Feteh newspaper, were initially detained on June 19 and 21 respectively. The journalists were charged with “conspiracy to commit terrorism”, under the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation, […]

Sudan: Newspapers confiscated by security forces

On August 8, issues of Al-Ahdath, a Sudanese daily newspaper, were confiscated by security forces. Officials have yet to provide an explanation for the confiscation. Previously, officials pressured the editor of Al-Ahdath to retract articles written about violence in South Sudan.From the time leading up to Sudan’s July 9 split, there has been a crackdown on the press in the […]

India: Government wants to monitor social networking websites

India’s Department of Telecommunications has been asked to monitor Twitter and Facebook, because of fears that the sites are being used to plan terrorist attacks. In April, the Indian Information Technology (IT) Act of 2008 was amended, giving officials the ability to monitor web activity. It also provides officials with access to private information, including passwords, without a court order. However, Facebook and Twitter do […]

Somalia: Radio presenter shot by soldier

On August 4, Somali journalist Farah Hassan Sahal died after being shot by a soldier in Mogadishu. The Radio Simba presenter was caught in clashes between Al-Shabaab and government troops supported by the African Union.  According to the radio station director, Abdullah Ali Farah, Sahal was shot three times by a sniper while moving damaged equipment to […]

Bangladesh: Editor arrested for extortion

Muhammad Ekramul Haque, editor and owner of Sheershanews.com and Sheersha Kagoj, was arrested on 31 July by Bangladeshi authorities on a charge of extortion. According to police reports, Haque allegedly threatened to negatively cover a travel agency unless he received 200,000 TK (£1630). In a press release, Sheershanews.com defended the editor, claiming that he was actually arrested for publishing […]

Angola: Writer arrested for reporting mass fainting outbreak

Adão Tiago, an Angolan radio journalist for Radio Ecclesia,  has been arrested for reporting on an outbreak of mass fainting. The faintings, involving more than 500 school children since April, have been linked, in some report, to criminals allegedly spraying institutions with gas. The Angolan government has rejected this claim, blaming hysteria triggered by “sensational news reporting” instead.  According to the Committee to […]