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Past Event: NSA, surveillance, free speech and privacy

alt informationIndex held an event last night with Doughty Street Chambers, where a panel of experts discussed whether or not democratic freedoms have been eroded by mass surveillance programmes. The panel included the Guardian’s Technology Editor, Charles Arthur, Stephen Cragg, QC (Doughty Street Chambers), Index Chief Executive Kirsty Hughes, and Liberty’s Policy Director, Bella Sankey. The […]

Jailed Macedonian journalist begins hunger strike

A Macedonian investigative journalist has gone on hunger strike today, in protest against his continued detention. The wife of Tomislav Kezarovski told local media that both she and her jailed husband are now on hunger strike, in hopes that it will call attention to his “absurd” situation. Kezarovski has been held in Skopje’s Shutka prison […]

Facebook allegedly has “secret censorship deal” with Pakistan

alt informationA Pakistani human rights organisation has called for an investigation into allegations that Facebook has a special "arrangement" with Pakistan, allowing the country's government to interfere in content removal. Sara Yasin reports

US and UK condemn Navalny conviction

The American ambassador to Russia and the British Foreign Secretary have reacted strongly after a Kirov court today sentenced Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny to five years in a penal colony, Sara Yasin reports

Preserving Timbuktu’s exiled manuscripts

A public campaign has been launched to protect fragile manuscripts rescued from Timbuktu during the Mali crisis earlier this year. Sara Yasin reports

Angela Merkel calls for tougher EU privacy laws

German chancellor Angela Merkel has called for more stringent EU data protection rules, after allegations that US surveillance programmes have also impacted EU citizens. Sara Yasin reports

In praise of Malala Yousafzai

In October 2012, the Taliban shot Pakistani schoolgirl and activist Malala Yousafzai, in an attempt to silence her work fighting for girls' education. The brave activist and Index award winner addresses the United Nations today

Stand in solidarity with Turkey’s peaceful protesters

Seven people have now died since the start of anti-government demonstrations in Turkey. Free speech organisations are calling on seven people to stand silently in front of Turkish embassies around the world for seven minutes in protest

Egyptian army shuts down media outlets

Media outlets in Egypt sympathising with the now ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi have been shut down. Sara Yasin reports

The cost of tweeting in Bahrain

A Bahraini teenager has been given jail time for a tweet. Sara Yasin looks at how the country has pursued users of the popular social networking site

Free speech roundup: Bahrain edition

European ministers and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members will meet on Sunday in Bahrain to discuss the future of their political and economic relations from 2013-2016. Bahrain's free speech violations in recent weeks should also be up for discussion, says Sara Yasin

Sudanese journalist targeted for allegedly insulting the military

When three journalists were invited to accompany a military official to a town supposedly recaptured from rebels, they did not expect to end up caught in crossfire. One journalist is being targeted after an anonymous and more honest account of the incident appeared online. Reem Abbas reports