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Cases against Academics for Peace have become emblematic of the attacks on freedom of expression in Turkey

alt informationOn 26 July 2019, Turkey’s highest court brought new hope to Turkish academics when it ruled that ten educators who had signed the petition “We will not be a Party to This Crime!” (Bu Suça Ortak Olmayacağız) had been tried unfairly and in violation of their rights. 

Pakistan’s media forced into self-censorship

alt informationPakistan's journalists have faced harassment and interference, pressure on media owners is common, and the government has taken to interrupting the distribution of news it dislikes.

Banned Books Week: Book burner to stand trial in Iowa

alt informationPaul Dorr, a director of a Christian organisation, is set to stand trial for burning books he checked out of the Orange City library in Iowa

Andrew Graham-Yooll on Argentina

alt informationAndrew Graham-Yooll served as editor for the Index on Censorship magazine from 1989-1994. To honour his memory, Index features some highlights of his writing for the magazine about his home country Argentina

Edward Snowden: “People think of 2013 as a surveillance story, but it was really a democracy story”

alt informationOpen Rights Group’s OrgCon 2019 explored privacy and surveillance online.