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Pakistan: “The end of pluralism and choice”

alt informationMilitant group Lashkar-e-Islam (LI) in Pakistan's Khyber agency has asked residents to enrol at least one of their sons to madrassas run by LI or pay large fines. Zofeen T. Ebrahim reports

Boko Haram: “If it can happen in Nigeria, it can happen here in Pakistan”

alt informationMore than three weeks after the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls from the northern Nigerian town of Chibok by Boko Haram (BH), an Islamist militant group, the world is finally awake to the tragedy. Zofeen Ebrahim reports

Rashid Rehman: “Courage in the face of threats and harassment”

alt informationEarly last month when human rights lawyer Rashid Rehman, from Multan, in Punjab province, was threatened that he would not be present at the next hearing as he would not be alive, it was no idle threat. Zofeen Ebrahim reports on the latest assassination to rock Pakistan

Pakistan: Journalists urged to unite for protection

alt informationIn the sixth attack on Express Media employees unknown assailants threw a hand grenade at the gate of Express News bureau chief's house. Though no one was injured in Sunday's incident, it highlights the dangers for Pakistan's journalists, Zofeen Ebrahim reports

US report criticises Pakistan’s abuse of blasphemy laws

alt informationThere are 14 individuals known to be on death row while 19 others are serving life sentences on charges of committing blasphemy, according to new report. Zofeen Ebrahim writes

Pakistan: Group declares laws against child marriage are “un-Islamic”

alt informationThe move has been slammed by a coalition of over a hundred Islamabad-based civili society organisations, who have labelled it a violation of Pakistani women’s and girls’ fundamental human rights. Zofeen Ebrahim reports

Pakistan: Historic conviction for journalist killers

alt informationGuilty verdict a step forward in fight against impunity. Zofeen Ebrahim reports

Pakistan: Between a “cultural coup” and giving “peace another chance”

alt informationHoping to use culture to battle Pakistan’s slide into “Talibanisation”, the son of Benazir Bhutto kicked off a two-week-long arts festival on 1 February. Zofeen Ebrahim reports

Pakistan’s politics thwart launch of Malala book

alt informationPeshwar University found itself at the centre of a controversy surrounding the launch of I Am Malala when police refused to provide security for the event. Zofeen Ebrahim reports

Pakistan’s religious kidnappings: Forced conversions and marriages

alt informationAn increase in kidnappings of Hindu girls who are then coerced to embrace Islam and forced to marry has raised concerns in Pakistan, Zofeen Ebrahim writes

Pakistani journalists plea for protection

alt informationThree men working for a TV station were last week killed by the Taliban in Karachi. Now Pakistani journalists are calling on the government to appoint special public prosecutors to investigate the murders of media workers. Zofeen Ebrahim reports

Pakistani media finds itself in Taliban’s crosshairs

alt informationCondemning the cold blooded assassination of three media workers belonging to a private television channel, the Pakistani media has united against the culture of impunity that has gripped the country. Zofeen Ebrahim reports