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#IndexAwards2017: Evan Mawarire’s #ThisFlag protest brings hope to a nation

Zimbabwean pastor Evan Mawarire, who was arrested upon his return after six months in exile, has risked his freedom to protest the lack of democracy in his country

#ThisFlag: Evan Mawarire tells Zimbabweans to “never ever be silent”

Statement from Evan Mawarire who has been arrested in Zimbabwe

Ken Saro-Wiwa Junior dies, age 47

Nigerian writer Ken Saro-Wiwa Junior has died in London, aged 47, following a stroke. The writer and presidential adviser had recently written for Index on Censorship

Smockey: “We would like to trust the justice of our country”

Burkinabe rapper and activist with Le Balai Citoyen, Smockey, became the inaugural Music in Exile Fellow at the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards in April 2016.

Abraham Zere: After 15 years of fear Eritreans read between the lines

It initially sounded like a joke; gradually it got serious and then tragic. A decade and a half later, it is catastrophe.

#IndexAwards2016 Fellowship update: “We want change now”

In the short three months since the Index on Censorship Awards, the 2016 fellows have been busy striking for stronger freedom of expression around the world

Nelson Mandela International Day: Index remembers apartheid-era South Africa

Today is Nelson Mandela International Day, a day to remember Mandela’s achievements in democracy, human rights and peace. Holly Raiborn

Podcast: Kenyan journalist forced into hiding after reporting the news

Yassin Juma is an extraordinary journalist, who has taken great personal risk to get the story of what is happening in the war that is being waged in Somalia against Al-Shabaab

Protests mark a year since #Angola17 arrests

Demonstrations are being held in Brussels, Luanda, Pretoria and Paris to mark one year since the arrest of an Angolan book club's members.

Zambezi News: Satire leaves “a lot of ruffled feathers in its wake”

One of the great difficulties with satire is that often those who actually get it are those who are already on board with the message.

8-9 July: The power of hip hop

A conference followed by a day of performance to consider hip hop’s role in revolutionary social, political and economic movements across the world.

Letter: Eritrea must free imprisoned journalists

On World Press Freedom Day, Index Youth Advisory Board calls for the release of imprisoned journalists in Eritrea and urges the government to end its persecution of media workers