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#IndexAwards2016: Méxicoleaks seeks to bring more transparency to Mexico

Méxicoleaks was launched in 2015 as a platform for people to anonymously share information leaks about anything in the public interest, including corruption, government spending and abuse

#IndexAwards2016: Tania Bruguera’s #YoTambienExijo ignites a worldwide movement

The beginnings of the #YoTambienExijo movement were born on 17 December 2014, when President Obama announcement a landmark warming of the 53-year chill between the United States and Cuba

Cuban artists still condemned to silence

Dissident artists are no better off post-Fidel, and renewed relations with the US haven't helped as many hoped or claimed they would

Erica Jong: Literature’s sexual rebels

Erica Jong, who shocked readers with her novel about women's sexuality in the 1970s, explains why she's ready to do it again

Kunle Olulode: No place for the real Hollywood story

Ahead of the Battle of Ideas 2015, film historian Kunle Olulode explores why Birth of a Nation is no ordinary film

Parents petition to remove Ariel Dorfman’s Death and the Maiden from school reading lists

Parents and students at a high school in New Jersey have launched a petition to have books, including the play Death and the Maiden by Chilean playwright

Muira McCammon: GiTMO’s linguistic isolation

Index on Censorship youth advisory board member Muira McCammon discusses linguistic isolation at Guantanamo Bay

Remembering E.L. Doctorow

Edgar Lawrence Doctorow, a supporter of Index on Censorship, passed away on 21 July 2015 at 84.

Padraig Reidy: Just another old man yelling at a cloud?

Every so often (roughly generationally) there are upheavals in mores and language. We’re on that cusp now.

Mass surveillance: Journalists confront the moment of hesitation

Following Edward Snowden's revelations outlining the capabilities of intelligence agencies to monitor private online communications journalists are confronting a moment of hesitation.

Jodie Ginsberg: “I believe in free expression, but…”

The decision by six authors to withdraw from a PEN American Center gala in which Charlie Hebdo will be honoured with an award once again emphasises the dangerous notion that some forms of free expression are more worthy than others of defending

Honor Diaries: Who is afraid of human rights?

The organisers of a women's conference at the University of South Dakota react to attempts to ban a screening of Honor Diaries