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Chinese censorship circumventors GreatFire launch funding campaign

alt informationDigital activism group GreatFire launch crowdfunding campaign to fight China's approach to internet censorship.

The amazing banned memes from China

alt informationChina is having a meme moment and it’s driving the censors mad

Sri Lankan editor fled after attempt on life

alt informationWhen former editor Upali Tennakoon speculates about what led to the attempt on his life in 2009, two incidents jump to mind.

Corruption report sends Maldives journalist into flight

alt informationFor many tourists, the Maldives is a resort destinationin the Indian Ocean. But for journalist Zaheena Rasheed, this small island nation is home. At least, it was.

Annual appeal: Walking on the cartoon creative road

alt informationDon’t let the bullies win - help us champion the people who are fighting back. People like Freedom of Expression Awards fellows Turkey Blocks.

Annual appeal: “We no longer feel so alone”

alt informationSilence is the oppressor’s friend. Harassing those who speak out against corruption and injustice – like this year’s Freedom of Expression Awards Fellows Maldives Independent

#IndexAwards2017 fellows: “Governments don’t care about the human rights argument”

alt informationSince the Index on Censorship Awards, the 2017 fellows have been busy doing important work in their respective fields to further the cause of freedom of expression around the world

Thailand must end judicial harassment of journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk

alt informationIndex on Censorship calls on Thai authorities to unconditionally drop charges against Pravit Rojanaphruk.

Index calls on UK to urge China to allow Liu Xiaobo to travel for treatment

alt informationChinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate and writer Liu Xiaobo, who was imprisoned since 2009 for calling for more freedom in his country, has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo’s chair is still empty

alt informationLiu Xiaobo, China's most famous free speech advocate, was released from prison last week on health grounds. Index looks back at the life and work of the Nobel laureate.

Petition challenges Pakistan’s censorship in court

alt informationNine Pakistani citizens have filed a constitutional petition in Pakistan to challenge censorship and recent arrests of journalists and activists

Maldives: Killing of Yameen Rasheed underscores urgent need for reform

alt informationWe call on the government to take all necessary measures to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to justice