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Why we must not change the channel

alt informationThe news from countries around the globe is appalling but we need to bear witness

How farmers’ protests in India are being used to silence the media

alt informationJournalists reporting on clashes between police and protestors have faced a fierce backlash

The desperate situation for six people who are #JailedNotForgotten

alt informationWe revisit the six activists and journalists currently in jail and call for your messages of support

Let them know they are not forgotten

alt informationJoin us in sending messages of support to six human rights activists and journalists around the world who are #JailedNotForgotten

The crisis in Kashmir: an Index reading list

alt informationA reading list of articles from the Index archive detailing the hardships faced by people in Kashmir

“You cannot report on anything that is not confirmed by the government,” Indian journalists report

alt information“It’s as if media is an opponent. It is as if asking questions of the government is crime, or a politically motivated exercise,” Indian journalist Anuradha Sharma reports on journalism under threat.

Podcast: Is there a global crisis for local newspapers?

alt informationSpring podcast with Karoline Kan, Ian Murray and Sinead Corr exploring the future of local news.

India’s sedition law is a dangerous hangover from British colonialism

alt informationIt's been 72 years since India gained independence from Britain, but sedition remains entrenched not only in law, but in the mindset of successive governments

Why I worry about India’s media

alt informationIndia's prime minister seeks to create an unquestioning press, writes John Lloyd