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Why I worry about India’s media

alt informationIndia's prime minister seeks to create an unquestioning press, writes John Lloyd

India: Love, Simon release indefinitely delayed

alt informationIndians took to Twitter to express their frustration after the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) pushed the release of the film Love Simon back indefinitely.

Leading Nepal editor speaks out about independent media facing censorship in South Asia

alt informationAfter 29 years of circulation, Himal Southasian, which claims to be the only analytical and regional news magazine for South Asia, will cease to publish as of November 2016.

In conversation with Timothy Garton Ash: A blueprint for freer speech

alt informationThe professor of European Studies at Oxford University talks to Index on Censorship about his new book Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World

Underground music around the world playlist

alt informationIn some countries, there have been flourishing underground music scenes sprouting up in the last few years, despite a continuing trend of censorship of the arts and governmental suppression

Protest around the world

alt informationAs demonstrations against corruption and the failure to provide basic services sweep Lebanon, we look at how authorities deal with mass protests around the world.

Harsh Ghildiyal: Defamation is not a crime

alt informationIndex on Censorship youth advisory board member Harsh Ghildiyal explains why he thinks India's criminal defamation laws are not reasonable

Padraig Reidy: Women are denied the right to exist in public space — even in death

alt informationWhether openly hateful or couched in “protective” metaphor, the message to women is always clear: public interaction is for men, and at best, you are here by our permission

Free speech in India: Uptick in defamation, attacks on media cause for concern

The state of free speech in India remains a cause for concern judging by the rise in recorded attacks on the media and the increasing use of defamation suits -- the most marked trends in 2014.

Jaspreet Singh: Ghosts of 1984

The novelist shares his memories of the aftermath of the assassination of then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and its devastating impact on the country's Sikh citizens

India: Frontline Freespeech Workshop, 24 Sept

Index on Censorship in association with the Digital Empowerment Foundation, India, invite you to a workshop to launch Frontline Freespeech, a pilot project seeking to amplify the voice of individuals under pressure.