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India’s Modi bypasses mainstream media and takes to Twitter

alt informationPrime Minister Narendra Modi's penchant for using social media to address the public directly has apparently caused a rift with India's mainstream press. Mahima Kaul reports

Are India’s internet laws ready for the digital age?

alt informationThe Global Network Initiative and the Internet and Mobile Association of India have launched an interactive slide show exploring how India’'s internet and technology laws are holding back economic innovation and freedom of expression.

India’s social media “peace force”

alt informationIndians have organised online to stop social media postings looking to incite communal tension. Will it work, and is it a threat to free expression? Mahima Kaul reports

Shubhranshu Choudhary: Using arts to help rural India speak out

alt informationThe Index Award winner has launched a new project using song, dance and drama to teach rural Indians how to report on issues using their mobile phone

The repugnant Section 66A of India’s Information Technology Act

alt informationRepealing the blatantly arbitrary law is the only way to protect and uphold the freedom of expression, Saurav Datta writes

India: Man facing criminal investigation over anti-Modi Facebook comments

alt informationMan from the state of Goa posted in a popular Facebook group that if Narendra Modi became India's prime minister, a holocaust "as it happened in Gujarat", would follow, writes Shuriah Niazi

Hush — slander is a criminal offence in India

In India, folks with brittle egos and skeletons stacked up in their closets, can and will wield the law to clam your mouth shut, and even have you put in jail, writes Saurav Datta.

India’s Supreme Court breaks police stranglehold on theatre

Dramatic performances cannot be policed and subjected to pre-censorship, writes Saurav Datta

India obsessed with social media role in elections

Indians, ever a chatty lot, are obsessed with the idea of being obsessed with social media. Mahima Kaul reports

India: Religious electioneering damages secular fabric

India's elections have been awash in campaigning that appeal to voters in religion or by instigating polarisation among different religious and ethnic communities. Saurav Datta reports

India’s public service broadcaster at center of political row

alt informationThe India media is the subject of the news yet again. This time though, the private news channels -- the usual suspects – are only reporting the news. Instead, the latest war of words among politicians has thrown the public service broadcaster, Doordarshan, into the limelight. Mahima Kaul reports

India fails to throw weight behind NETmundial

alt informationIndia was among the few governments that did not sign the NETmundial outcome statement. But why does it seem that the world’s largest democracy is not putting its weight behind a "bottom-up, open, and participatory" multistakeholder process? Mahima Kaul reports