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“I am free to practise my religion: others, like the Uighurs, are not”

alt informationThis weekend I will be celebrating the Jewish New Year. Others have no such freedom

“I won’t be watching Mulan. I stand with the Uighurs”

alt informationIndex doesn’t support boycotts; we were established to publish the work of censored artists and writers – those who are being persecuted

Remember the victims of Charlie Hebdo

alt informationAs a trial commences in France to prosecute accomplices to the Charlie Hebdo murders, we remember the victims of the brutal crime

Ruth Smeeth: “The brave men and women who refuse to be silenced”

alt informationSummer is supposed to be the quiet time for news - not this year

Ruth Smeeth: “In Belarus, Lukashenko has used every tool available to a totalitarian leader”

alt informationWomen wearing white and carrying flowers have marched on Minsk as part of the protests against election result

Use your voice to get in good trouble

alt informationCivil Rights campaigner John Lewis used his voice in every way to fight for justice. He set a fantastic example

Ruth Smeeth: “Free speech is a force for good”

alt information150 writers and academics have signed an open letter saying the forces of illiberalism are gaining strength throughout the world

Bahrain’s grand prix problem

Bahrain’s top news during the past 48 hours say a lot about the troubled country: glitzy races are welcome; experts on torture are not. Bahraini officials yesterday claimed that UN special rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez, had cancelled his upcoming visit “indefinitely”. Funnily enough, the special rapporteur has denied this claim, saying that the government […]

Kazakhstan crackdown set to continue

Kazakh prosecutors last month achieved international notoriety, as they sought to close eight newspapers and 23 web sites, and sued Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LiveJournal. Journalists in the country fear that this latest crackdown will destroy the limited amount of pluralism that still exists there. On 4 December, a Kazakh court banned the online news […]

Why is Kim Kardashian going to Bahrain?

Kim Kardashian flew into Bahrain’s capital today to launch the country’s first Millions of Milkshakes shop — but “sources” close to the reality TV star told TMZ that her trip to Kuwait and Bahrain is about more than promoting frozen drinks. According to the celebrity-stalking website, Kardashian wants to “use her celebrity to raise awareness […]

Bahrain revokes citizenship of 31 activists

Bahrain is preparing for the first anniversary of the Bahrain Independent Commission for Inquiry (BICI) by placing even greater restrictions on free expression. As violence escalates in the Gulf kingdom, the country’s government has taken new measures in the name of national security. According to an announcement made last night on the state-run Bahrain TV, the country’s […]