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Keeping watch on China

alt informationAs British MPs are warned over a Chinese national seeking influence in the UK parliament, Index continues to shine a light on the CCP's activities globally

Indigenous people have been silenced on the climate crisis

alt informationAs the world's eyes turned to Glasgow for COP26, it was those on the frontline whose voices were not being heard

The problem of censorship is part of larger ones about the use and abuse of freedom

alt informationIt is 50 years since poet Stephen Spender made a call to arms in the pages of The Times

Sir David Amess: 26 March 1952 – 15 October 2021

alt informationThe brutal murder of the Southend MP is an attack on democracy

#OffOn – Don’t switch off our online rights

alt informationThe EU is now developing online legislation along the lines of the UK's Online Safety Bill with its Digital Services Act

Banning books is a weak act

alt informationAs we mark Banned Books Week, our CEO urges you to go to the library and read something that challenges you

Sharing the stories that need to be told

alt informationIndex's CEO looks ahead to this weekend's Freedom of Expression Awards

Why we must not change the channel

alt informationThe news from countries around the globe is appalling but we need to bear witness

“We know more about what is happening to protestors in Myanmar than in Cuba”

alt informationThe view of the island as a socialist idyll is far from the truth

Pegasus: The tools may have changed but repressive regimes have not

alt informationThe revelation that NSO Group's smartphone spyware is being misused should come as no surprise

#BannedByBeijing: Monitoring Chinese censorship abroad

alt informationOur new campaign looks at how China is using soft power to limit free expression