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Repeat after me: the BBC is a public sector broadcaster

alt informationIn the wake of the Gary Lineker row, many prominent politicians and public figures called the BBC a state broadcaster - an erroneous mislabelling

The women who paid the ultimate price

alt informationFor International Women's Day, we name just some of the women who were killed simply for what they said

Regulating political advertising in Europe threatens freedom of expression

alt informationProposed new EU rules that would see all online content advancing political views restricted, even if it is posted by citizens and journalists

In awe of those fighting Russian tyranny

alt informationOne year on from Russia's full-scale invasion, we won't stop telling the stories of those fighting Putin’s aggression in both Ukraine and Russia

Turkey’s devastating earthquake is no excuse to grab rights

alt informationErdogan's state of emergency must not last longer than is absolutely necessary to deliver a humanitarian response to the disaster

Online Safety Bill edges forwards but issues remain

alt informationThe algorithmic censorship of content and the threat to end-to-end encryption need addressing

Ordinary people, extraordinary times

alt informationOur CEO Ruth Anderson reflects on the theme of this year's Holocaust Memorial Day

A year in freedom of expression

alt informationOur CEO Ruth Anderson reflects on the events of the past 12 months, yet another year of challenges to human rights around the world

“I struggle with Kanye West being given a platform by anyone”

alt informationThere are those within the Index family, including some of our founders, who consider free speech to be an absolute right, says Ruth Anderson

Journalists will struggle to speak truth to power if the power isn’t showing up

alt informationRishi Sunak's decision to end the traditional morning media round is a mistake, says our CEO Ruth Anderson

Where are all the voices?

alt informationThere is so little room for alternative views and perspectives, writes our CEO Ruth Smeeth