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An ode to two defining figures from 1989

alt informationThe year 1989 saw events that shaped the world we currently live. We look at two essential figures who challenged the status quo at the time

Saudi woman’s “death sentence” for using her voice

alt informationSalma al-Shehab, who was studying for a PhD at the University of Leeds, faces a 34-year sentence for supporting other Saudi women

We need to talk about history

alt informationHiding uncomfortable truths does not erase the past, whether they are SLAPPs from powerful actors or hidden traumas in tourist hotspots

Why we need to protect end-to-end encryption

alt informationApps like Telegram and WhatsApp provide ways for human rights defenders and journalists to communicate without fear of discovery by authoritarian governments

An unwelcome return to the 1970s

alt informationProtests for women's rights, widespread strikes, rampant inflation. Have we turned the clock back fifty years?

Why we all need to be angelic troublemakers

alt informationPeople forget that Pride is all about protest and we should recognise that free expression is vital to positive change

The terrible price of refusing to remain silent

alt informationOn the anniversary of the murder of MP Jo Cox and as we learn of the fate of two journalists in Brazil, Ruth Smeeth says we must learn from their deaths

Raised voices: why we must continue to listen

alt informationThe news coming in from Belarus, Brazil, Hong Kong and Russia is devastating, writes our CEO Ruth Smeeth

#Belarus: Andrei Aliaksandrau comes to trial

alt informationOn Monday 7 June, our former colleague will face court behind closed doors, charged with treason for helping protesters against Lukashenka's government. We will be watching

The UK government needs to work out just what “free speech” means

alt informationThe Queen's Speech had much to say about freedom of expression but there are conflicting views on what it means in Britain

Another deadly year for journalists

alt informationPalestinian reporter Shireen Abu Akleh becomes the 17th journalist to be killed while doing her job this year