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Why we all need to be angelic troublemakers

alt informationPeople forget that Pride is all about protest and we should recognise that free expression is vital to positive change

The terrible price of refusing to remain silent

alt informationOn the anniversary of the murder of MP Jo Cox and as we learn of the fate of two journalists in Brazil, Ruth Smeeth says we must learn from their deaths

Raised voices: why we must continue to listen

alt informationThe news coming in from Belarus, Brazil, Hong Kong and Russia is devastating, writes our CEO Ruth Smeeth

#Belarus: Andrei Aliaksandrau comes to trial

alt informationOn Monday 7 June, our former colleague will face court behind closed doors, charged with treason for helping protesters against Lukashenka's government. We will be watching

The UK government needs to work out just what “free speech” means

alt informationThe Queen's Speech had much to say about freedom of expression but there are conflicting views on what it means in Britain

Another deadly year for journalists

alt informationPalestinian reporter Shireen Abu Akleh becomes the 17th journalist to be killed while doing her job this year

Democracies are losing their moral authority to intervene

alt informationWhen our leaders opt in and out of laws and norms they don’t like then repressive regimes thrive and their citizens are the ones that suffer

In trying to protect us online, legislators risk silencing us

alt informationWe all want to protect each other from seeing the worst of humanity but we have no right not to be offended

The images that stick with us forever

alt informationA desperate Ukrainian mother has written details of who to contact in the event of her death on her young daughter's back

As Russia wages war, Index reflects on its beginnings

alt informationSir Trevor Phillips and Jonathan Dimbleby discussed the challenges to freedom of expression at our 50th birthday party

“We will not be intimidated by people who do not like what we stand for”

alt informationOur CEO Ruth Smeeth reflects on the passing of former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

“My heart is with the people of Ukraine”

alt informationRuth Smeeth is inspired by the collective bravery of women in the face of Putin's tyranny and violence