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“Nelson’s legacy isn’t the issue, the culture war is”

alt informationMuseums should be able to examine every aspect of history and culture without reprisal

We need to end the abuse around discussions of feminism and trans rights

alt informationAll women, whether a successful novelist like JK Rowling or a struggling blogger expressing their gender identity, have a right to their opinions

Why Index will fight for free and open debate

alt informationTo find answers to some of the biggest questions our societies have ever faced we need to listen to each other

Sir Harold Evans: a staunch advocate for free speech

alt informationThe former Sunday Times editor was a long-standing friend and supporter of Index, says Ruth Smeeth

“I am free to practise my religion: others, like the Uighurs, are not”

alt informationThis weekend I will be celebrating the Jewish New Year. Others have no such freedom

“I won’t be watching Mulan. I stand with the Uighurs”

alt informationIndex doesn’t support boycotts; we were established to publish the work of censored artists and writers – those who are being persecuted

Ruth Smeeth: “In Belarus, Lukashenko has used every tool available to a totalitarian leader”

alt informationWomen wearing white and carrying flowers have marched on Minsk as part of the protests against election result