George Theiner becomes editor
23 Jul 2020

George Theiner becomes editor of Index. Born to Czech-Jewish parents, Theiner served time in a forced labour camp for refusing to join the Communist Party. After his release, he worked as a technical editor in an educational publishing house, Artia, and began translating Czech literary works into English. When the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968, Theiner fled to England with his family and worked for various publishing houses before joining Index on Censorship in 1972 as an assistant editor. Theiner died in 1988. He remained editor until his death.

The magazine publishes a beautiful collection of small obituaries for him, written by several of the famous writers he had translated for or otherwise encountered. In 2011, in recognition of the work he had done to promote Czech literature and culture, World of Books created the George Theiner Award, to be given to “people and organisations outside the Czech Republic who have made long-term contributions to the promotion of Czech literature and free expression across the globe.”

Jemimah Steinfeld

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