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Gathering clouds over digital freedom?

The debate over the direction of the web has just started, and contradictory messages that need careful scrutiny are emerging from governments and corporations alike, says Kirsty Hughes This article was originally published on Open Democracy, as a part of a week-long series on the future digital freedom guest-edited by Index

Open data activist Aaron Swartz dies at 26

Open data activist and developer Aaron Swartz was found dead Friday in his New York home. The 26-year-old activist, who tirelessly campaigned for net freedom, was facing federal charges for allegedly downloading 4.8 million academic articles from JSTOR on the MIT campus in 2011. Even though JSTOR decided not to bring charges against Swartz, federal prosecutors […]

Why is Wikipedia down?

As Wikipedia and other websites begin blackout to protest against US anti-piracy laws, Index and the international human rights community speak out on PROTECT IP Act

Film bosses consider changes to SOPA piracy laws

Rachel Greenspan: Film bosses consider changes to SOPA piracy laws

Cory Doctorow on copyright

Rachel Greenspan: Cory Doctorow on copyright

US piracy law could threaten human rights

As debates continue around the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Cynthia M Wong argues that policy makers must look more closely at whether the bill truly supports free expression