Student reading lists: minority groups and censorship

Articles from this list explore the topic of how minority groups are both being censored and also evade censorship. Includes Kerry Brown on the censored minorities of China at the time of the 2008 Olympic Games and Akeel Bilgrami on the plight of India’s Muslims after 9/11.

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Minority groups and censorship articles

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Minority groups and censorship
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Minorities and the media by Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith, March 1975; vol. 4, 1: pp. 105-106

A study in the use of media by the Mexican Chicano Movement

Enemies Within by Kerry Brown

Kerry Brown, May 2008; vol. 37, 2: pp. 152-161

Kerry Brown on the censored minorities of China

Speaking in Tongues by Lambros Baltsiotis, Leonidas Embiricos

Lambros Baltsiotis, Leonidas Embiricos, March 2001, vol. 30, 2: pp. 145-151

A deconstruction of minority languages in Greece and a look at the battle to keep these languages alive

Just a Question of Money? By Moussa Awuonda

Moussa Awuonda, April 2003, vol. 32 no. 2 187-191

Kenyan journalist Moussa Awuonda details the report pressing the Swedish government to pay more attention to its minority presses

India’s Muslims Post 9/11 by Akeel Bilgrami

Akeel Bilgrami, November 2006, vol. 35, 4: pp. 15-21

Akeel Bilgrami delivers an explosive narrative on how India’s Muslim minority has responded to the aggressive ideology of the majority Hindus

Silencing the disabled: Only the state may help the disabled; others who try are repressed by Steven Marc Glick

Steven Marc Glick, October 1981, vol. 10, 5: pp. 32-33

Author Steven Marc Glick reports from the former Soviet Union on the plight of disabled individuals and new attempts by some to help them

Down The Welsh Road by George Jones

George Jones, July 2001, vol. 30, 3: pp. 206-211

George Jones on the linguistic rights of the Welsh-speaking minority in Wales

Speaking in Tongues by Ayer Neier

Ayer Neier, March 1996, vol. 25, 2: pp. 139-141

The ex-executive director of Human Rights Watch on the danger of suppressing minority languages worldwide

Daring to speak one’s name: A reflection on gay censorship by Alberto Manguel

Alberto Manguel, January 1995, vol. 24, 1: pp. 14-31

As Russian law relaxes and allows homosexual writers a voice, Alberto Manguel reflects on gay censorship in the country

The landscape for religious freedom in the new Egypt by Shahira Amin

Shahira Amin, June 2013, vol. 42, 2: pp. 102-109

Two years after the revolution in Egypt, Shahira Amin reflects on the minority communities who are still trying to get their voices heard

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