Lebanon: TV station attacked by armed men

The headquarters of a leading Lebanese TV station Al-Jadeed were attacked by armed men earlier this week. Five masked gunmen opened fire on the building in Beirut at 9.30pm on 25 June, and set fire to tires in the station entrance. The attack followed the airing of a controversial interview with Sheikh Ahmad Al-Assir, a Salafist Imam, who harshly criticised the Shiite Muslim leaders in the country. Al-Jadeed were forced to apologise for the interview, and any anger it had unintentionally provoked.

TV Cameraman Shot Dead on Lebanon-Syria Border

A TV cameraman has been shot dead near the LebanonSyria border. Ali Shaaban, from Lebanese TV channel Al-Jadeed, is believed to have been in northern Lebanese region of Wadi Khaled when Syrian soldiers opened fire on a car carrying Al-Jadeed staff. Shaaban’s colleague Hussein Khreiss said that the soldiers fired at the car, even though the crew made it clear they were not military. Prime Minister of Lebanon Najib Mikati deplored the incident, and said he would ask Syria to investigate the shooting.