One Million Moms try to stop you from enjoying Schweddy Balls

While the likes of Andy Samberg attempt to resuscitate the American television programme, Saturday Night Live (SNL), many of us remember times when the show was actually funny. The 1998 “Delicious Dish” sketch, which was based on a fictional National Public Radio (NPR) program, involved cast members Molly Shannon and Ana Gastayer admiring the confectionery balls of Pete Schweddy, played by Alec Baldwin. The double entendre filled sketch is an SNL classic, and Alec Baldwin manages to continue glorifying his mouth-watering treats without breaking character. Ice cream makers Ben & Jerry decided to celebrate the popular skit’s character with a new flavour called “Schweddy’s balls”.

The duo’s new flavour was met with outrage from conservative group One Million Moms, who called the flavour’s name “vulgar”, and felt that it defiled the  innocent pleasure of ice cream. Officials with the organisation are calling for supporters to push the ice cream makers to stop distribution of the limited edition ice cream, which is made of rum laced vanilla ice cream mixed with fudge covered rum as well as milk chocolate balls.

But fans with a sense of humour are delighting in the new flavour, and Ben & Jerry’s spokesperson Sean Greenwood told NPR that 90% of the 500-600 e-mails and messages received following the public statements of the conservative group have been positive. He also added that the flavour was not given the name for shock value, and that it has been “absolutely crazy popular”, and will continue to be sold as planned.


If you haven’t seen the skit, see the clip below: