USA: CISPA cybersecurity bill passed by House of Representatives

Legislation which aims to prevent attacks on USA infrastructure and private companies has been approved, despite objections from Barack Obama’s administration. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) encourages companies to share internet collected information in an attempt to prevent cyber attacks from criminals, foreign governments and terrorists. The Republican controlled House of Representatives backed the legislation in a vote of 248-168.

UK: Disorder no excuse to clamp down on internet

Governments must not crack down on internet and mobile phone networks during times of unrest, the British Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday. Speaking at a two-day international cybersecurity conference in London, Cameron said that cybersecurity should not be an “excuse for censorship or to deny their people the opportunities that the internet represents”.

Speaking at the same conference, Index on Censorship CEO John Kampfner said: “as soon as our own Western-style stability of the state is called into question then freedom of expression is expendable. There should be one rule for all, including Western governments.”