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Media freedom in Honduras: Index speaks with Dina Meza

alt informationSince 1992 Honduran journalist Dina Meza has been investigating corruption and violations of free speech throughout South America, including the murder of journalists in Honduras

After cartel kidnapping, Mexican journalist fled to U.S.

alt informationThe men from the Sinaloa cartel had made a mistake, and now they were looking to use it to their advantage.

Argentine journalist fled after prosecutor’s death

alt information"I was sure they were going to kill me, taking into account what happened to Nisman."

USA: Climate for press freedom worsens in Missouri and surrounding states

alt informationJournalists tell international delegation of hostility, restricted access

Duncan Tucker: Financial pressures are undermining Latin America’s media

alt informationMounting financial pressures are robbing many of Latin America's media outlets of their objectivity and forcing them to toe pro-government lines.

Net neutrality decision has huge implications for free expression online

alt information Internet users should be able to access the legal content they want - not have their choices dictated by the whim of major corporations

Annual appeal: Walking on the cartoon creative road

alt informationDon’t let the bullies win - help us champion the people who are fighting back. People like Freedom of Expression Awards fellows Turkey Blocks.

National and international cultural and human rights organisations denounce Trump’s executive order on immigration

alt informationMore than thirty cultural institutions and human rights organisations around the world oppose Trump’s immigration ban

New documentary looks at the only cartoonist to be jailed for obscenity in the USA

alt informationFor the good of society, American cartoonist Mike Diana was jailed without bail in 1994. So ruled a jury at the Pinellas County court in Florida, taking just 90 minutes to find him guilty

Alex Krasodomski-Jones: Where have all the good trolls gone?

alt informationAt it's best, trolling is a form of satire. But those who reduce it to nasty and humourless online threats don’t deserve the title.

Groups urge Bahrain to release prominent human rights defender

alt informationIndex on Censorship joins international call for release of Nabeel Rajab

Cybercrime law adopted in Saint Vincent and Grenadines is fundamentally flawed

alt informationIndex on Censorship has joined the IFEX coalition to express deep concern by the cybercrime law adopted in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.