Journalist arrested in Puntland

Authorities arrested Faysal Mohamed, a reporter for Hiraan Online, on Wednesday morning (29 June) in the semi-autonomous republic of Puntland in northern Somalia. Police told journalists that Mohamed was arrested for a “false news report” on Hiiraan Online. Fellow colleagues said they suspected the article in question was one published three days before the arrest, which hypothesised that two bodies recently discovered on a roadside were those of security personnel.

Turkish court refuses to release journalist

The Istanbul 10th High Criminal Court rejected a bid to release journalist Suzan Zengin in a hearing on Tuesday. She writes for the Worker Peasant newspaper (İşçi Köylü). Charged with “membership of an illegal organisation”, she faces up to 15 years in prison. Her next hearing will take place on 14 June, by which stage she will have been detained for almost two years. Meanwhile, a person known only as K.B. has been arrested for plotting to assassinate Turkish journalist Mehmet Metiner, who believes he was targeted because he adheres to AKP policies.

Zimbabwe: Journalist faces charges over protest coverage

A newspaper journalist who photographed a Roman Catholic protest is facing charges of “practising journalism without accreditation“. Flata Kavinga was arrested at the demonstration on 10 October and detained for over 24 hours. His camera was confiscated. Although he has been released, Kavinga’s lawyer said that police are considering charging him under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA). The controversial legislation, enacted in 2002, has been heavily criticised by media rights groups.

Burundi: Court rules to keep journalist detained

A journalist charged with treason will remain in pre-trial detention, a court ruled on 6 September. Jean-Claude Kavumbagu was arrested on 17 July after he wrote an article about the possibility of Burundi being the target for a terrorist attack. The editor of online newspaper Net Press, has been detained four times in his 14 years of working as a journalist. If convicted he could be sentenced to life imprisonment. Judges have not yet set a date for a further hearing.