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What does the International Bill of Human Rights mean for freedom of expression?

alt informationThe International Bill of Human Rights consists of the five core treaties that advance the fundamental freedoms and to protect the basic human rights

Comfort zones are killing comedy

From the November/December 2000 issue of Index on Censorship magazine, Scott Capurro discusses how political correctness and the dumbing down of the media is killing comedy.

Philip Pullman, Jimmy Wales, and Steve McQueen join call for Angola to drop charges against investigative journalist

Rafael Marques de Morais was last week given a suspended sentence following a criminal defamation trial related to his 2011 book on blood diamonds, published for the first time in English on June 2

Jacob Mchangama: European leaders have long compromised free expression

alt informationOnly by reaffirming a genuine and principled defence of freedom of thought, expression and religion can Europe hope to create a society built on real tolerance and respect for diversity

Don’t just click – speak out for free speech

alt informationIf you said ‘I believe in free expression, but…’ at any point in the past week, then this is for you. If you declared yourself to be ‘Charlie’, but have ever called for an offensive image to be removed from public viewing, then this is for you.

Index calls on UK to speak out against Bahraini human rights abuses after Rajab arrest

alt informationIndex award winner Nabeel Rajab has been detained for seven days while being investigated for claims that he offended the Ministry of Interior over Twitter

Driving debate underground is not the answer to extremism

British Home Secretary Theresa May has proposed new laws that would ban extremists from TV and impose stricter controls on what can be said on the internet, in a speech at the annual Conservative Party conference. Index on Censorship is disturbed at these plans and their potential for stifling legitimate free speech. It is unclear […]

Padraig Reidy: Creeps with cameras and the first amendment

alt informationMore often than not, the United States' first amendment forces some real thought and analysis to take place in public life, writes Padraig Reidy.

Draw the Line: Should the police do more to protect free speech?

alt informationFree expression and policing can have an antagonistic relationship. Recent events in Ferguson are demonstrative of the issues that arise as the demands for protest clash with those for civil safety. The police are naturally drawn to the forefront of such a debate as they become the physical manifestation of a state’s commitment to free […]

Turkey: Presidential election shines spotlight on free speech challenges

Concerns about media and internet freedom as Erdogan looks set to make the switch from prime minister to president

Recap report: Draw the Line — play on or red card?

alt informationIndex hosted the first of our Draw the Line events on Monday, as ten young adults met to discuss issues surrounding the free expression records of the countries participating in the World Cup

Meltem Arikan: Creating life with the tools of death

alt informationCreating life with the tools of death, in the middle of a war, in a place where everyday children, women and men of all ages are being killed mercilessly.