China scales back Green Dam plans

China has scaled back its plans to install controversial net filtering software, “Green Dam Youth Escort” on its citizens’ computers. The government has now said that citizens can choose whether they use the program, although installations on public computers will still go ahead. Read more here

China’s Green Dam will go ahead say officials

China’s controversial plan to install Green Dam internet filtering software on all computers will go ahead despite previous postponements, a government official told state media today saying it was only “a matter of time” until the software was installed. Meanwhile the Telepragh has reported that Green Dam has already been downloaded three million times since the end of March and has been installed on 518,000 computers. Read more here

China web censorship controversy continues

China has confirmed it will continue with plans to force every computer in the country to run controversial filtering program Green Dam. The move follows news that Google have agreed to filter search results in China to screen out pornographic or explicit material. In a Twitter posting, prominent blogger Ai Weiwei appealed for an Internet boycott on the softwares launch in July, the same day of the anniversary to mark founding of the Chinese Communist Party. Read more here