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Why we’re boycotting the Internet Governance Forum

alt informationYaman Akdeniz and Kerem Altiparmak, two renowned Turkish internet rights advocates, are boycotting the internet governance conference which this year takes place in Istanbul

The obscure threat to the internet you need to know about

As an arcane UN body seeks new relevance and campaigns to take over internet governance, Dominique Lazanski outlines the risks it poses to net freedom and free speech

After world attention fades, Azerbaijani activists are attacked and arrested during protest

Journalists and activists were arrested and brutally attacked on Saturday, 17 November during an opposition protest in the Azerbaijani capital Baku. Despite wearing clearly-marked press jackets, a number of independent reporters were assaulted, including Yeni Musavat newspaper correspondent Farahim Ilgaroglu, Turan Information Agency eporter Etimad Budagov, Media Forum correspondent Amid Suleymanov and Institute for Reporters’ […]

Index tells policy makers to keep the internet free

As Index launches a policy note ahead of the Internet Governance Forum, Marta Cooper asks if can we keep the internet free Policy Note: The Growing Threats to Digital Freedom

Azerbaijan’s ruler fails to buy internet friends

The fact that Azerbaijan is hosting the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) may seem incongruous to many, not least Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizadeh, who in 2009 were jailed for 14 months ostensibly for disseminating a satirical video remarking on the suspiciously high price the government paid to import donkeys. However, the General Secretary of the International […]

From Baku: Voices for internet freedom

Kirsty Hughes: Reporting from the Internet Governance Forum

Letter from Baku

Witnessing Azerbaijan's autocracy in action, Mike Harris reports from the Internet Governance Forum

Internet freedom? Not in Azerbaijan

IGF | Azerbaijan's government locks up its online critics on trumped-up charges so it is an odd choice to host a giant international forum on internet freedom. Rebecca Vincent explains MORE ON THIS STORY: Access denied in Azerbaijan Letter from Baku