Student reading lists: journalism and censorship

Much of Index on Censorship’s global work involves allowing censored journalists an outlet to publish articles which may be unpublished in their home countries. This reading list, focusing on journalism, looks at issues surrounding freedom of expression and press freedom. It includes articles from Professor Emily Bell on the tools moving journalism forward and Professor Richard Sambrook’s reflection on the murders of journalists around the world that go unnoticed.

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Journalism and censorship articles

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Journalism and censorship
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Technology and censorship

Explosion of independent journalism by Stefan Bratkowski

Stefan Bratkowski, April 1987; vol. 16, 4: pp. 17-18

A message from Warsaw to the London censorship conference from a dissident

Back to the future by Iona Craig

Iona Craig, September 2014; vol. 43 , 3: pp. 8-12

Award-winning foreign correspondent Iona Craig discusses the growing need for journalist in war zones to go back to old ways of ignoring surveillance

The spirit of journalism by Ocak Isik Yurtcu

Ocak Isik Yurtcu, March 1997; vol. 26, 2: pp. 99-103

An imprisoned Turkish journalist, serving 15 years for anti-terror charges, discusses his experiences

Generation Why by Ian Hargreaves

In Index’s special report on the future of journalism, Ian Hargreaves considers whether the next generation of journalists will work with the public to hold the powerful to account

Users + Tools = Journalism by Emily Bell

Emily Bell, November 2007; vol. 36, 4: pp. 100-104

The Guardian’s Emily Bell on how technology is shaping the future of news and what editors need to do to adapt

Print Running by Will Gore

Will Gore, September 2014; vol. 43, 3: pp. 51-54

Another one from the special report on journalism, The Independent’s Will Gore looks at journalistic innovation

Re-writing the future: five young journalists from around the world by Ahlam Mohsen, Katharina Frick, Luca Rovinalti, Athandiwe Saba and Bhanuj Kappal

Ahlam Mohsen, Katharina Frick, Luca Rovinalti, Athandiwe Saba, Bhanuj Kappal, September 2014; vol. 43, 3: pp. 18-19

Five young journalists, from Yemen, South Africa, Germany, India and the Czech Republic, share their hopes for the profession

In quest of journalism by Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen, May 1997; vol. 26, 3: pp. 81-89

Michael Foley interviews New York University’s professor of journalism, Jay Rosen

Attack on ambition by Dina Meza

Dina Meza, September 2014; vol. 43, 3: pp. 30-33

Human rights campaigner and Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award’s nominee Dina Meza talks about the situation in Honduras where young journalists are entering a profession rife with corruption and fear

Journalists are dying every day by Richard Sambrook

Richard Sambrook, March 2015; vol. 44, 1: pp. 101-102

Professor Richard Sambrook delivers a morbid account of how the deaths of journalists around the world are going unnoticed

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