Turkish police raid journalists’ homes

Turkish police have detained 10 people, many of them journalists, in the latest crackdown on an alleged secularist network, which is accused of conspiring to overthrow the government. This follows February’s high profile raid on the Oda TV news portal. On Monday blog publishing service blogspot.com was banned inside Turkey.

Spanish journalists expelled from Panama

Panamanian authorities have expelled two Spanish journalists who reported on a demonstration against mining law reform. Francesco Gomez Nadal and his girlfriend Pilar Chato were detained during Saturday’s protests outside the National Assembly. They were held for almost 48 hours and transferred between three detention centres before being forced to leave. They were charged with “disrupting public order”. Panamanian officials said “foreigners are prohibited from participating in all types of political activities or protests”.

Turkish foreign minister rejects US comments on press freedom record

Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu has dismissed remarks made by the US ambassador in Ankara. Diplomat Francis J Ricciardone expressed concerns about press freedom in the country. His comments came in response to the detention of four journalists following a raid on opposition news portal Oda TV. The foreign minister said that he did not think it was right for “ambassador to pass judgment on an ongoing criminal investigation”, and claimed press freedom was not the issue.