China cuts nude Kate Winslet from 3D Titanic release

Kate WinsletLike the rest of the world, China’s gone Titanic crazy again. The 3D version of James Cameron’s Titanic hit cinemas here today but Chinese theatre-goers excited about the chance to see Kate Winslet’s nude scene in glorious 3D will be disappointed.

In 1997, Chinese censors left the nude scene intact, but this time around there’s no sign of Winslet’s breasts.

Chinese web users are up in arms. “I didn’t wait 15 years to see a three-dimensional iceberg,” said one microblog user called Cambrian, according the Ministry of Tofu, a blog on China written by a group of Chinese living in the U.S.

It’s hard to understand why Ms Winslet’s breasts were allowed back in 1997 and not in 2012, local media put the elevated prudeness down to the absence of a rating system. However China Daily did hint that it might have had something to do with China’s former president. “In early March 1998, then president Jiang Zemin, known for his passion for the arts, spoke highly of the film in a political meeting and the Chinese media reported his comment,” the English-language daily wrote.

It is a shame that Hu Jintao, the current leader, doesn’t appear enjoy Ms Winslet’s charms as much as his predecessor.