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#WhereIsPengShuai: Tennis world shows it’s OK not to remain silent over China

alt informationThe silence that usually follows human rights violations is notably absent in the sports star's mysterious disappearance

Hong Kong’s freedoms under further attack as ‘Captain America’ is jailed

alt informationFive year and nine month sentence for protestor raises fears over retrospective action of national security law

New report: The rise of Confucius Institutes

alt informationRead our new publication on Chinese influence on campus as part of our #BannedByBeijing campaign

Words under fire: When libraries become targets

alt informationWhen those in power want to control access to history and ideas, libraries are often the first to be targeted, reports Rachael Jolley

Why we must not change the channel

alt informationThe news from countries around the globe is appalling but we need to bear witness

#BannedByBeijing: Monitoring Chinese censorship abroad

alt informationOur new campaign looks at how China is using soft power to limit free expression

As Apple Daily looks set to close down, speech crime comes to Hong Kong

alt informationThe national security law has been used against journalists for the first time

“Tiananmen Square cemented my commitment to equality and justice”

alt informationOur CEO Ruth Smeeth was just nine when the image of Tank Man echoed around the world but it changed her views forever

Tiananmen candlelights a sight too beautiful to last

alt informationHong Kong will be dark on the anniversary of the massacre this 4 June as the National Security Law bites

“The CCP will one day fall” – Ma Jian’s words give us hope

alt informationThe author spoke at this week's spring magazine launch