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“Anxiety has always been part of Hong Kong’s handover story”

alt informationA new book on Hong Kong published this November called Making Hong Kong China: The Rollback of Human Rights and the Rule of Law by Michael C. Davis provides much needed insight and background into the current crackdown on rights in the city. We publish extracts from the book

The crisis in Kashmir: an Index reading list

alt informationA reading list of articles from the Index archive detailing the hardships faced by people in Kashmir

Academic freedom in Hong Kong: “It’s a storm and no one wants to go outside, even with an umbrella”

alt informationAcademics are losing tenure and teachers are being fired as China's national security law bites

The view from Hong Kong in 1997: an Index reading list

alt informationA reading list of articles from the Index archive when Hongkongers were wondering what the handover from Britain to China would mean

Was Hong Kong’s biggest ever protest in vain?

alt informationOn the one year anniversary of the biggest ever protest that took place in Hong Kong to fight against an erosion of freedoms, historian Jeffrey Wasserstrom looks at the outcomes of a protest movement that changed China 100 years ago

This Week at Index: Freedom of expression is under threat, and we need your help defending it

alt informationWe are facing more demands for our assistance and expertise than ever before and we urgently need more funding to meet that need

This Week at Index: Meet Badiucao, China’s artful dissident

alt informationThe rebel Chinese cartoonist was in London last week and we caught up with him for a revealing video interview

What the world can learn from Hong Kong’s protesters

alt informationWe may not be able to tell others how to win a battle, but people can learn from us on how to mobilise, and how to sustain a mobilisation.


alt information八九学运领袖王丹同著名作家欣然探讨天安门学运结果及其遗产