China: Milk campaigner drops appeal plan

Zhao Lianhai, the father of one of about 300,000 children  poisoned by tainted milk in 2008, has dropped his plans to appeal according to his lawyers. Last week, he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for organising support groups and a campaign for compensation. The lawyers claim they have been told their services are no longer required. Today, the official Xinhua News Agency reported that Lianhai may be released on medical parole, but failed to mention when this may happen.

Chinese safety campaigner referred to prosecutors

Police have referred to prosecutors the case of a father who campaigned over the 2008 melamine milk contamination. Zhao Lianhai, whose own child was made ill by the melamine contamination, is accused of trying to provoke social disorder. He has been detained by police since November. Chinese officials have since banned independent reporting on the latest toxic food scandal involving the chemical blamed for the deaths of six babies in 2008.