Kuwait: Journalists acquitted of libel and charges

A court in Kuwait City has acquitted a journalist prosecuted for insulting Kuwait’s Prime Minister. Journalist Mohammed Abdel Qader Al-Jassem and activist Khaled Al-Fadala, had their charges dropped on 12 July . Al-Jassem was accused of libelling the prime minister on a talk show entitled “Who is to blame, the government or the parliament?”. Al-Fadala’s case was initiated following an official complaint from the prime minister following the activist’s claim that the prime minister was an “enemy of freedom of expression” in Kuwait. Al-Jassem was jailed after he was convicted of slander in April 2010 in a separate case.

Kuwait: Protesters call for release of jailed journalist

On 9 June, hundreds of Kuwaitis attend a rally to call for the release of opposition journalist and lawyer . Accused of harming the national interest and undermining the Kuwaiti ruler, al-Jassem has been held in detention for over a month. He was sentenced to six months in prison after he authored a number of articles and books critical of the local political situation.

Kuwait: Hunger strike journalist hospitalised

A Kuwaiti journalist was hospitalised over the weekend after refusing medication and beginning a hunger strike in protest at his 11 May arrest.  Government critic, Mohammed Abdel Qader al-Jassem, claims he was arrested for political reasons. The national security ministry has been interrogating the journalist and reviewing every blog post he has written in the past five years. He was sentenced to six months in prison in April for slandering Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, though the decision was later suspended pending an appeal.

Kuwait: Journalist gets six-month jail term for slander

Kuwaiti journalist Mohammed Abdel Qader Al-Jassem was convicted of  slander and sentenced to six months in prison on April 1 for publicly declaring that Prime Minister Skeikh Nasser Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah was unsuitable to run Kuwait and calling for his resignation. Al-Jassem is currently out on bail awaiting the outcome of his appeal against the conviction, he has at least five other government lawsuits outstanding and was fined 7,000 euros in March for an earlier article that criticised the Prime Minister.