Russia: released rapper launches protest song

Rapper Noize MC, who was jailed for 10 days in Volgograd after mocking local police in a song and an improvised rap at a festival, has released a new song criticising the police. Launched soon after the artist left jail last week, and entitled “10 Days in Paradise” or “10 Days (Stalingrad)”, the song sarcastically thanks police for the inspiration provided by his time in prison. The accompanying video shows footage of Russian police brutality, including violence at a demonstration in St. Petersburg on 31 July. Noize MC, whose real name is Ivan Alexeyev, has included in the song an apology he read out while in prison, which was distributed by the Volgograd police’s press service. Alexeyev told that the apology was only written and performed because he was threatened with having his charges changed from “disorderly conduct” to “insulting a police officer” — an offence punishable by up to one year of “correctional labour”.