Mexico: missing crime reporter found dead

The decapitated body of Yolanda Ordaz, a reporter for regional paper Notiverhas been found in the Mexican city of Veracruz two days after she went missing. Ordaz had reportedly been investigating the 20th June murder of her colleague, columnist Miguel Angel López Velasco, his wife, and son, a photographer with the newspaper. Ordaz was also said to have received death threats in connection to her work. Local authorities, meanwhile have said there are indications her death is related to organised crime, rather than her work as a journalist.

According to reports, a note found with the body seems to connect Ordaz’s murder to the López killing. The note read: “Friends also betray. Sincerely, Carranza.” This may tie the murder to the chief suspect in the López case, identified as former traffic police officer Juan Carlos Carranza.

Syria: Two Reuters reporters missing

Reuters has announced that two of their reporters are missing in Syria. Jordanian correspondent, Suleiman al Khalidi, was detainted by the Syrian authorities on Tuesday, while Syrian photographer, Khaled al Hariri, has been out of contact since Monday. The disappearances follow the detention of two of Reuters television journalists who were released by the Syrian authorities on Monday and expelled to Lebanon. Editor in chief Stephen Adler has expressed his concern for the whereabouts of Khalidi and Hariri and has stated “We call upon the Syrian authorities to help us urgently in ensuring their safe and timely release.”