Brazil: Radio presenter murder unsolved

One month has passed since a radio presenter was gunned down in the Brazilian town of Ipatinga, in the state of Minas Gerais, with no results from the police investigation. Both his colleagues and authorities believe the crime was caused by sensitive information the journalist presented on this radio crime show.

Rodrigo Neto was shot while leaving a restaurant on the evening of Friday 8 March. Two men on a motorcycle accosted him and opened fire. The presenter was hit on the head and on the chest. The gunmen escaped unidentified.

The case is still being investigated by the police.

State Deputy Durval Ângelo, who is president of the Human Rights Committee on Minas Gerais’s Legislative Assembly, claims the journalist had given him information about policemen involved in crimes on the Ipatinga area.

Workmates of Rodrigo from Vanguarda radio station  are sure the murder is connected to his work as a crime show presenter.

Rodrigo was not the first radio presenter to be gunned down in Brazil this year. On 22nd February, journalist Mafaldo Góis was shot and killed in the town of Jaguaribe, in the northeastern state of Ceará. His death is believed to have been ordered by a local drug dealer, cited by Góis in this crime radio show.

Brazil had the 5th highest number of journalists killed in the world in 2012, with 5 cases, according to the International Press Institute .