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Brazil is falling into an abyss

alt informationAttacks on free expression in the country are the worst since the dictatorship ended in 1985, writes a journalist from Brazil

Can a familiar face herald a new start in Brazil?

alt informationAfter spending two years outside his home country, Guilherme Osinski returned to vote in hope of an end to the dark years of shame for Brazil

Brazil: tragedy, farce and fascism

alt informationBrazil's far-right demons are loose and democracy is under attack, writes author Urariano Mota ahead of Brazil's elections

“Imagine the conversation between Bolsonaro and Erdogan”

alt informationProtests during mourning for Queen Elizabeth have been distasteful but not illegal. How should we express our feelings about some of the guests attending Monday's state funeral?

The terrible price of refusing to remain silent

alt informationOn the anniversary of the murder of MP Jo Cox and as we learn of the fate of two journalists in Brazil, Ruth Smeeth says we must learn from their deaths

‘The Amazon is a lawless land’

alt informationJournalist Dom Phillips and Bruno Araújo Pereira went missing in the Amazon in Brazil. Index spoke to one of the people who last saw them

Raised voices: why we must continue to listen

alt informationThe news coming in from Belarus, Brazil, Hong Kong and Russia is devastating, writes our CEO Ruth Smeeth