Burma: Media censorship to ease

Burma’s heavy censorship rules are set to be lifted later this month, it has been announced. Tint Swe, head of the Press Scrutinisation and Registration Department (PSRD) has said that the iron grip currently experienced by the Burmese press will be lifted in a significant reform. Until recently, everything from newspapers to fairy tales were subject to scrutiny from the country’s censors. Tint Swe has said “it is the right time” and added “When we have parliament and government working on democratic process, how can censorship work at the same time?”

Burma: Censors tighten grip ahead of by-election

New restrictions are being imposed on the Burmese media, despite earlier calls from the country’s censor chief to ease restrictions. Ahead of April’s by-elections, Tint Swe, director of the Burmese Press Scrutiny and Registration Division, warned newspaper editors that “action will be taken” against publications which do not adhere to guidelines from the censorship board. In October, Swe made calls for greater media freedom and the abolition of censorship.

Burma: Censorship laws to be relaxed

The Burmese government’s censorship board director, Tint Swe, has announced that the country’s censorship policy will be relaxed in accordance with its new constitution. Journal and magazine publishers will no longer need to submit their articles to the censors for approval before publication. However, news stories and articles about politics and business will still need prior approval.