Vodafone Egypt’s PR fail

Take the time to watch the outrageous Vodafone ad that has sparked public outrage in Egypt this week. Vodafone, the company that complied with the Mubarak regimes demands to shutdown communications  networks is taking credit for what happened in Tahrir Square.

If I were a Vodafone customer, I promise you I would’ve switched networks after watching their latest commercial. The film created by advertising agency JWT, takes credit for the Egyptian revolution.

You read that right.  Vodafone and JWT are telling us, in a 3:59 spot, that “we’re not trying to take credit for the revolution but really, we totally inspired it with our crappy ad from last year. You’re welcome, Egypt”.

Because the tag line was something along the lines of “Our power isn’t that we’re number one — our power is in each one of us”. Whatever that means.

Apparently this tag line inspired people to take the streets. I mean, never mind the years of activism, the protests, the decades of cumulated grievances, the terrible economic situation, the trampled political freedoms, the police brutality, the torture, etc. Nah.

We just watched a Vodafone Ad, and thought: “Hey! We’re powerful! Let’s topple the president!”

Vodafone Egypt JWT Ad Taking Credit For #Jan25… by andreasudo

Watch it and then check out the hilarious IHateVodafoneEgypt.com. The PR backlash forced Vodafone Egypt to put out a public statement about the video, claiming it was “produced by JWT company for its internal use and not for public display”.

Now what about this about a lawsuit against them for disconnecting their phone and internet services?