Put your questions to Facebook and Google - We ask is the internet safe for free speech?
11 May 2010

Please join Index on Censorship, Google, Facebook and Privacy International for a debate on the internet and free speech at the Free Word Centre on 12 May at 6.30pm


Richard Allan, Director of Policy EU, Facebook
Anthony House, European Policy and Communications Manager,
Google Gus Hosein, Policy Director, Privacy International

Chaired by Jo Glanville, Editor, Index on Censorship

New technology has revolutionised freedom of expression, but it’s also transformed the business of censorship. Governments can monitor and control information as never before, while filtering and punitive action is becoming the norm — whether in the name of child protection or intellectual property. So what will it take to make the internet safe for free speech?

To reserve a place email bookings[at] or call 020 7324 2570. Event details here

If you can’t attend leave your questions in the comments below and we will put the best questions to the panel tomorrow night

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One response to “Put your questions to Facebook and Google – We ask is the internet safe for free speech?”

  1. Hi, I have a question for the panel, as I won’t be able to attend tonight’s event. As a journalist I’ve been researching the implications of new settings on Facebook and Google Buzz (among others) and it concerns me that sharing and connection features are enabled before thorough testing or user research has been conducted (eg. as with Google Buzz and its automatic email address connections, which have now been changed). I realise there’s commercial sense in making it an ‘opt-out’ strategy rather than ‘opt-in’ for new features but how can this be responsible when you have bloggers and journalists for whom protection of their sources is vital? By changing the settings, you’ve changed the terms on which they originally participated. I think this is especially important when it comes to using email address information, as with Facebook’s address book importing system.